By using reusable containers, valuable resources can be saved in addition to reducing waste. How does this work? Consumers can bring their own containers from home and have them filled. This is already increasingly happening with coffee-to-go. But restaurateurs can (and from 2023 will have to) provide their customers with reusable containers from a pool system, which they can lend out for a deposit or via an app. There are now many pool system providers on the market who, with their diverse range of products, can provide suitable containers for most catering establishments.

Do you run a gastronomy/catering company in the Turmstraße area and are interested in a consultation?

The project “Reusable instead of disposable packaging” offers free and independent advice on reusanble packaging solutions. Our ambassador is currently (July and August 2022) on the road in the area, talking to restaurants and presenting the project. In addition to clarifying initial questions. , you can make an appointment for the consultation here:

You also have the option of filling out this questionnaire (PDF) (in Acrobat this can also be done digitally with the “Fill out and sign” tool). State your interest in the consultation offer under question f) (1). Then send the completed questionnaire to and we will get back to you!

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