graphic moabit, clean up your kiez! with a dirty and a clean environment

Together for a clean neighborhood

This summer, we’re hosting a Cleanup series at Lebendiges Zentrum Turmstraße to rid the neighborhood of trash in public spaces. From paper cups to pizza boxes – nothing is safe from us!

Together with you, we would like to rid Moabiter Turmstraße and its surroundings of any litter in order to create a clean and inviting environment for everyone. To do this, we will use grab tongs that BSR lends out for “Kehrenbürger”. We will carry out the cleanups on four weekends in a row, so that the image of a clean Turmstraße is visible for a month, so that one and the other will be infected to stand up for a clean neighborhood and to avoid littering. And who knows, maybe we will discover big running to-go cups and crown caps during the action to support us? After the first three Cleanup actions, we invite you to an ice cream or a soda – in a reusable container, of course – to thank you for your active support.

The last Cleanup Day on September 16, 2023 will then be a special day: First, the annual Moabiter Kiezfest will take place, where the neighborhood will meet around Rathaus and enjoy the cultural and culinary program. But that’s not all! That day is also World Cleanup Day, when people around the world clean up their neighborhoods of trash. We will be there with a project stand in front of the town hall.

Just drop by and visit us!