Restaurants and cafes with reusable solutions in the “Lebendiges Zentrum Turmstraße”

Are you in Berlin-Moabit and looking for take-away food without single-use rubbish? Many restaurants in the “Lebendiges Zentrum Tumstraße” already switched to reusable packaging solutions. Here we highlight eight of our cooperating restaurants which are at the forefront of reusable solutions and are happy to provide you with an alternative to single-use. 

LIT Café Coffeebar & Bakery

Jagowstraße 23, 10555 Berlin

people are sitting at square tables outisde a cafe
In autumn 2019, managing directors Karim Rahali and Chedli Ben Khalifa opened Café LIT. LIT means “cool” in youth language. The café is a cool place, not only because of the delicious coffee and the diverse menu, which offers breakfast, snacks, salads and changing lunch menus. “Lit” is also that Karim and Chedli introduced the Relevo reusable system for food and drinks shortly after the café opened. The app-based system is well received by customers and also pays off financially for gastronomy owners. LIT Cafè was the first stop on the Culinary Journey around Turmstraße in October 2022.

Ya-Man Caribbean Soulfood

Gotzkowskystraße 17, 10555 Berlin

The restaurant owner smiles and stands in the restaurant talking to people
Barbara Saltmann has been bringing a piece of her native Jamaica to Moabit since 1998. Her restaurant serves Jamaican main courses with kidney beans, rice and fresh vegetables, as well as dishes like “Jamaican Jerked Chicken”, “Fried Plantain Delight” or “Coo-Coo Coconut Supreme”. All this is accompanied by typical local drinks and Caribbean music. In Ya-Man, customers aare welcome to bring their own containers for filling. Ya-Man provided participants with delicious samples of Jamaican cuisine during the Culinary Journey around Turmstraße in October 2022.

Cafè Wunder

Jonasstraße 7, 10551 Berlin

People are sitting at small round tables outside a cafe
At Café Wunder, Nurhayat Isnel, or Nury for short, offers her customers a cosy break from hectic everyday life. In addition to coffee specialities and a large selection of homemade cakes, there are also freshly made bagels and a rich breakfast on weekend. Events can also be hosted in the beautiful rooms. Since the café opened in March 2020, it has become a popular place in the neighbourhood with many regular customers. Those who come with their own reusable container receive a 20 cent discount. The “Recup” reusable system is also offered. Café Wunder took part in the Culinary Journey in October 2022 and served each participant one of the coffee specialities in a reusable cup.

Köy Gourmet

Gotzkowskystraße 34, 10555 Berlin

The shop owner stands in the door and talks to be outside the store
Harun Sönmez’s small delicatesse shop on Gotzkowskystraße sells nuts, oils, spices, coffee, pastes, dried fruits, sweet pastries and many other exquisite products that the owners produce themselves in Gaziantep. Köy Gourmet uses Recup’s reusable system: not only for the coffee cups, but reusable cups are also used for nuts and the like. At Köy Gourmet, sweets were filled into reusable boxes for the participants of the Culinary Journey around Turmstraße in October 2022.

Exclusive Coffee

Zwinglistraße 27, 10555 Berlin

The manager of exclusive coffee in a white t-shirt stands in the door and talks to customers outside the cafe
Exclusive Coffee in the Turmstraße area is part of a franchise that has eight other cafés in Berlin. In addition to home-roasted coffee blends,  it offers breakfast options such as fresh croissants or bagels. The operators of Exclusive Coffee have been working with Recup for a year and a half and are happy to be able to offer this option to their customers. As part of the Culinary Journey around Turmstraße in October 2022, participants were able to enjoy a variety of hot drinks in Recup cups or in the cups they had brought themselves.

Smoke & Barrel

Arminiustraße 2-4 10551 Berlin

A employee gives fries to a customer across the bar, inside the market hall
Smoke & Barrel serves BBQ food from the US southern states. The menu includes pulled pork, spare ribs and US beef brisket. Of course, the classic coleslaw is not missing from the menu either. Everything is prepared fresh daily and on site. For refreshment, various types of craft beer from the BRLO brewery and homemade lemonade are served. The team will be happy to fill your to-go packs that you have brought with you. In February 2023, a pool system of reusable boxes has been introduced and single-use packaging now costs 1 Euro.

Alimentari e Vini

Arminiustraße 2-4, 10551 Berlin

inside the market hall, people are sitting around a long table with big chandeliers hanging from above
Among the variety of cuisines found in  Arminius market hall, one classic cannot be missed: la cucina italiana! Here, pizza, pasta, bruschetta, saltimbocca and antipasti of high quality are served. Additionally, the place has a selected wine collection that can also be taken home. For take-out dishes, the employees of Alimentari are happy to accept the reusable boxes of customers. In February 2023, a pool system of reusable boxes has been introduced and single-use packaging now costs 1 Euro. During the Culinary Journey, Tiramisu was served in jars – a useful solution for in-house as well as take-away. If the jars are brought back tot he restaurant, they will of course be re-used!

The Poutine Kitchen

Arminiustraße 2-4, 10551 Berlin

people are stitting ath poutine, which is insie the market hall and features many canadian flats. the listen to the owner talk
Poutine Kitchen serves what it promises: the Canadian national dish “poutines” in different variations. Poutines is a combination of french fries, Cheese Curds and Gravy, in this case a vegetarian roast sauce. Owner Holger Böckner tried Poutines for the first time 15 years ago in Montreal – today he is an ambassador for Poutines in Germany. His market stall also hosts activities on the culinary friendship between Germany and Canada. “Poutine” and its employees are happy to serve you the dishes in your own reusable box for take-away. During the Culinary Journey in October 2022, participants were thus able to take a small journey across the Atlantic, accompanied by truffle- and currywurst fries. At the beginning of 2023 “Poutines” is taking a break but will be back soon.