Since 1 January 2023, the obligation to offer reusable containers has been in force in Germany. From now on, catering establishments that sell take-away food and drinks must offer their customers a reusable alternative and inform them about it. The radio format “Redezeit” of NDR Info addressed the topic on 03.01.2023 under the title Sustainable consumption in 2023 – what will the reusable obligation bring?

“Are there sufficiently practicable reusable systems that function independently of location and supplier? A fast food chain, for example, is planning its own reusable system with reusable packaging for a deposit of two euros each. How do consumers react to this? What can mandatory reusable packaging achieve in terms of sustainability and climate protection? Which measures need to follow?”

Anna Ackermann, who is part of the project team “Mehrweg statt Einweg – Müllreduzierung im Lebendigen Zentrum Turmstraße” as well as other zero-waste projects, discussed this with Tristan Jorde, Head of the Environment and Product Safety Department at the Consumer Advice Centre Hamburg, and Nikolaus Kaiser von Rosenburg, Deputy President of DEHOGA Hamburg and Managing Director of Kleinhuis Hotels and Restaurants.

The recording can be found here:,sendung1315046.html